The Early Development Instrument (EDI) by TECCS.
Transforming Early Childhood Education, right here.

We are part of a national initiative called Transforming Early Childhood Community Systems (TECCS,) developed to help match proven school readiness solutions with the unique needs faced by communities like ours. In other words, we’re here to put the focus back on our children’s early education. We developed this website to present to you important findings based on observations made by kindergarten teachers on each child in their class. Please use our interactive map to learn more about the school readiness status of the children of Brownsville, Los Fresnos and Port Isabel broken down by geographic area and socio-demographic indicators.


EDI Interactive Map

You can view detailed results of the study by using our interactive map. The map will show you the results based on vulnerability rankings, along with other important information for each neighborhood that participated in the study.

You can choose from 15 socio-demographic indicators and community assets to see how each neighborhood scores. You can also view a detailed overview of all indicators for each neighborhood by clicking overview in the neighborhood pop-up box on the map.

Navigating in Google Map

You can move your view in two dimensions in Google Map. To pan (move the map,) click and drag the map to move to the desired location.

You can zoom in or out by pressing the + or – keys. Move the cursor over a location and use the mouse scroll button to zoom in or out on that location. To center and zoom in on a location, double click the location.